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Moving to the Caribbean

Moving to the Caribbean - Heading for the Sun

Many British citizens are fed up with life in the UK and are looking for a way out. Whether you are bored of the daily commute to work and endless amount of time spent in traffic, or have simply had enough with the freezing winters and wet summers, countless families are looking for an escape route. Many would see Australia as the ideal place to emigrate, but depending on the location, the lifestyle could be very similar to life in the UK.

For a completely different experience, you could consider moving to the Caribbean. If you want to escape the rat race and immerse yourself in a more laid back culture, a Caribbean Island could be the perfect place for you. Forget about the miserable weather in the UK, the sun shines year round. With stunning scenery and crystal clear seas, you will never run out of things to do. The people of the Caribbean are among the friendliest people in the world. And why wouldn't they be? They are living in paradise. You could be too.  However, if this is something you are seriously considering, you must take your time and do your research.

It is very important to spend a few months out there deciding which Island would be the best for you, as each one is different. If you find somewhere you love and are serious about moving there, then it is best to search for a job. You're chances of obtaining a visa are much higher if you already have a job offer.

These chances can be further increased if you have skills that are not locally available. When it comes to moving to the Caribbean, there are plenty of options with Barbados, Aruba and the Bahamas being popular choices. It is advisable to pick three of the Islands that you like the sound of and explore each one in turn. This way you can get a taste of the culture and make a decision based on your own experience. Everyone has their own opinion on their favourite Caribbean island but you can't base a decision of this size on hear say. Each Island is unique and comes with its own set of pros and cons.

Once you have decided on the best island to complement your desired lifestyle, it is time to start your search for a suitable property. You can go online and browse hundreds of properties at the touch of a button. Before you begin your search, it is advisable to put a budget in place. This will help you eliminate the options that are unsuitable and simplify the house hunting process. Once you have a price in mind you can start to make the necessary decisions such as whether it is plausible to buy a property in the Caribbean or whether you plan to rent. Create a checklist of property related requirements and go online to find a property that caters for all of your needs.

Moving to the Caribbean

 Moving to the Caribbean can offer a Dramatic Change of Lifestyle

While it is important to get a feel for the island you desire to live on, there are a number of important factors that must be considered before you can start your life in the Caribbean. If you plan to make a living on your chosen Island, you will need a work permit. If you do not have a work permit, your job applications will be in vain. When looking for a possible place to relocate, it is essential to choose an Island that has a clear policy on emigrating including work permits, residential permits and retirement structures. Some of the islands have very strict policies about who can reside there for example if you want to move to St Kitts you will need to put down a substantial residential investment if you plan to start your own business. You cannot stay on many of the islands for more than three months without a residential permit.

There are many ways to raise the capital for moving to the Caribbean. One of the major decisions that comes with moving to the Caribbean is whether or not to sell your home. Many people worry that selling their home could take years but there are ways to speed up this process. One of the most popular ways is to seek help from a professional home buying company. This is a great alternative to the traditional method of selling your home though an estate agent and can save you both time and money. In today's economic climate, selling your home can be tough and it can take months to attract a buyer. Even if you are lucky enough to attract a buyer, you may not get the price you have your heart set on. A professional house buying company can offer you cash for your home and you could even complete the sale in just seven days. If you decide to go down this route, go online to do your research. Not all house buying companies are reputable and it is important to find a company you can trust.

Property buying companies provide a number of advantages for example there is no chain allowing you to sell your home at speed. Choosing this method can also take the stress out of selling your home and eliminate the fees that are associated with traditional selling methods.

The process includes:-

          *    Contact a professional house buying company

          *    Organise a valuation/survey

          *    Receive an offer from the house buying company

          *    Exchange contracts and complete the sale

Mrs Taylor from Derby comments on her experience with a house buying company: "Quick House Sales bought and completed my house sale in 15 days from accepting their offer."

You could be all ready for moving to the Caribbean, but can't sell your house in the UK. If you are ready to move quickly you can sell your house fast with many house buying companies in the UK. Once the house is sold you can start your new life in the Caribbean.

Moving to the Caribbean
by Edward Roebuck -                                                        Copyright 2012

Moving to the Caribbean

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Moving to the Caribbean

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