10 Reasons Why Children Would Love the Caribbean

10 Reasons Why Children Would Love the Caribbean

Caribbean Pirate Ship

Caribbean Pirate Ship

Your children may never have known the beauty that is the island chain south of Florida had it not been popularized to the young audience in Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The entire area is rife with history dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. Although your children may not be able to sail with pirates in the real world, the wonder that is the Caribbean still has a great deal to offer young minds. What can keep the attention of your young ones in this paradise?

Caribbean Diving

Caribbean Diving

1. Diving Lessons – While the Caribbean is a majestic sight on the surface, half of its true beauty lies in the marine life. Children can explore a whole new world simply by diving under the water and submersing themselves in the aquatic community of fish and aquatic mammals.

2. Island Hopping – You and your children can explore the area by hopping from one island to the next. Investigating the unknown could be quite the adventure – especially when you’re exploring the Caribbean.

3. Water Parks a-Plenty – This tropical area is full of various water parks that are both separated from the sea as well as including those waters. Each seems to have its own theme and can offer a great deal of adventure for your children. Kid friendly resorts such as Iberostar Hotels and Resorts in Mexico provide a liquid wonderland for the children to enjoy.

4. Canoeing – Although it incorporates a great deal of exercise, canoeing around the islands can be great fun for the kids. Whether they want to paddle on their own or join you for a bonding moment, just the idea of “sailing the seas” could fill your child’s heart with adventure.

5. Cave Exploration – The Caribbean is riddled with caverns unlike any other. At Los Tres Ojos, you and your children can explore wide open caves that have been incorporated with the sea giving it a completely unique appeal.

6. Exploring the Ruins – Constructs that have been standing for hundreds of years are scattered about the Caribbean. Long lost cultures can fuel the imagination of a child such as those overlooking the sea in Costa Maya, Mexico.

7. Tours – There are many tours available that can engage a child’s mind. For instance, you and the young ones can book a National Park Jeep Safari tour of the Curacoao Island. The seven hour tour will put you amidst some of the Caribbean’s exotic wildlife and the beauty of the island itself.


Caribbean Resort Living

8. Resort Living – Many resorts in the Caribbean are tailored specifically for children. Rose Buds for Children sponsored by the Rosewood Resort in Mayakoba provides special services and convenience items for your child to enjoy.

9. Boat Hires – If your child isn’t into canoeing, visit one of many boat rental locations and explore the seas. This can include everything from motorized speed boats to catamarans.

10. Cruises – When in doubt of finding something to do in the Caribbean, cruises are quite plentiful such as Royal Caribbean International with the Adventure Ocean Youth Program. Children of all ages are accommodated as the activities are tailored to the interest of specific age groups.

Many adults dream of merely visiting this tropical paradise as its sheer beauty is exotic to the majority of people that are landlocked in their location. While the children may not appreciate how magnificent the experience could be, there is still plenty of activity in the area to keep them wanting more. Expose your child to one of nature’s most awe-inspiring locations.

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