2 Beach Properties August 6

2 Beach Properties August 6th

2 Beach Properties - Martinique studio apartment for sale.

2 Beach Properties – Martinique studio apartment $86K

2 beach properties for approximately $86 K each;  a piece of beachfront land in Nicaragua and a studio apartment in a Martinque beach resort.

Comparing these two very different countries connected by the Caribbean sea makes for an interesting read.

Martinique is one of the Windward Islands facing the Atlantic and lies between Dominica and St. Lucia to the south. It is a French jurisdiction and culturally it is France with a tropical attitude! From the language, the architecture, the arts through to the Law and the social structure; any Francophile will feel at home!

2 Beach Properties : St. Anne Martinique

2 Beach Properties : St. Anne Martinique (Photo)  

Approximately 65Km long and 30Km across, half of the island is agricultural growing mainly bananas, pineapples and sugar cane for supply to mainland France. The rest is luxuriant

Martinique is just an 8 hour flight from France and is well served several times a day by Air France and other major European airlines. There are also several major airlines serving Martinique from north America including American Airlines.

Martinique offers miles and miles of gorgeous Caribbean beaches, from remote and isolated to large beachfront resorts.  Martinique is France’s tropical playground offering large resorts and small hotels, and year-round sailing.

The opportunities for sports and pleasure activities are vast including, golf, sailing, tennis, water skiing, riding, cannoning and mountain walking and climbing.

Buying property in Martinique is no more or less difficult than buying in mainland France.

St. Anne Studio apartment available for sale, at a small resort, that is ideal for use as a vacation home, priced at approximately $86,000.

2 Beach Properties - Martinique studio apartment for sale.

2 Beach Properties – Martinique studio apartment for sale.

Nicaragua is a democratic republic in Central America and also spreads itself between two bodies of water, the Caribbean to the Pacific. It is a country of lakes and volcanoes.  Its culture is steeped in Spanish and British colonialism and native indian influences. Spanish is principally spoken with some English on the Caribbean coast.

A population of just over 4 million souls spread thinly across 131,000 km, suggests amazing possibilities for a new lifestyle! But the underlying infrastructure is thin too, which means a certain amount of self sufficiency in anything you do.

Nicaragua is much, much cheaper to live than Martinique, and offers much more in the way of business opportunities. Tourism is growing throughout the country and there are endless possibilities in agriculture, mining and manufacturing. Buying property requires a good lawyer but is properly regulated.

Healthcare is not as strong as Martinique, which offers for example the best burns unit in the whole island region.  Nicaragua has good primary care in many areas.

El Ostional is a pretty little village for tourists and locals alike. This choice piece of 1/4 acre beachfront lot, located just North of the village priced at approx $86,000.

2 Beach Properties : El Ostional Beachfront lot

2 Beach Properties : El Ostional Beachfront lot for approx. $86 K

The same price; two completely different worlds.

Nicaragua offers a blank canvas for a new lifestyle any which way that you want to paint it.

Martinique is a busy, regulated, structured resort island with an international society.

Vive la difference!


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