5 Romantic Homes for Sale

5 Romantic Homes for Sale this Summer in the Caribbean

Time for a little summer romance. This week we have five of the most romantic homes that we could find on the market.  Perhaps the first definition of a romantic home bought to enjoy those special moments for two, is that it must be a private hideaway.

5 Romantic Homes for Sale

5 Romantic Homes for Sale : Luxury Hideaway in the Dominican Republic

Second it must have a beautiful setting, with lush tropical gardens to be enjoyed under the stars. The home itself will have charm, interest and potential.   Potential, because any loving couple will want to add their own brand of personal partnership and energy on the internal spaces.

The views from this romantic hideaway must inspire and reinforce the feeling that there is just the two of you and that there is only this moment!  It maybe that you can only spend a few weeks each year enjoying your romantic home hideaway, so the whole ambience must be remarkable.

5 Romantic Homes for Sale

5 Romantic Homes for Sale : North side of Tortola Private villa for sale

The first romantic home is in the British Virgin Islands, overlooking an aquamarine bay with verandahs facing the sunset, and built for sipping champagne whilst the last rays of the sunshine fall over the edge of the western Caribbean! This small compact and beautifully finished home is all about the  sunset and the stars.

The kitchen is modern and well appointed for cooking that dinner for two, whilst just 10 minutes away are some of the best restaurants on Tortola.  At $695 K this is great investment for your pocket as well as your relationship.

5 Romantic Homes for Sale

5 Romantic Homes for Sale : A Hacienda with style in Belize

The next is a very, pretty hacienda in Belize, with a dovecot, imposing romantic gateway and enough acres to graze and ride a pair of horses.

Remote and utterly private, this is the place to leave the world behind and enjoy each other.

At $150 K, this is an amazing buy!


Set in 3 acres of mature gardens bordering the Cahal Pech Archaeological Reserve, this is one for the lovers of nature too!

5 Romantic Homes for Sale

5 Romantic Homes for Sale : Luxurious Retreat in the Dominican Republic

The third suggestion is one for couples with a million and a half to spend on their romantic home retreat.

It is a five bedroom luxury beachfront home with pool on the beach on northern coastline of the Dominican Republic.  The property comes complete with, cool green tiled courtyards, the sound of the surf and a lawn shaded with palm trees to the edge of the sand!   There is good dining in fine restaurants close by, or the choice to cook for each other and walk along the surf line afterwards under a full moon, hand in hand. This is romance with luxury!

5 Romantic Homes for Sale

5 Romantic Homes for Sale ; Nevis Cottage with charm and heart

Our fourth suggestion is in Nevis.  Yes it includes a tiny guest house,  but the principle cottage with its three bedrooms is so charming, so romantic with its wooden vaulted ceiling and stone wall with fireplace that we include it anyway.   You could leave the suitcases in the guest cottage!

At just under $1 MM, this is worth every cent.  Three acres of beautiful tropical gardens and lawns,  with huge open views to the Caribbean sea. There is a pool just right for two and the lounge has a stone fireplace for those winter evenings when the breeze from the sea is just cool enough to need a little sentimental warmth from the heart of the home, the hearth!

5 Romantic Homes for Sale

5 Romantic Homes for Sale : A sunken bath in a Dominican cottage.

Our final romantic home is in Dominica.  A one bedroomed octagonal shaped cottage set in a substantial parkland of mature tropical gardens and orchards of over four acres. This is a perfect hideaway in the mountains, with magnificent open views to Morne Trois Piton, and Morne Diablotin.

The property is self sufficient, and the perfect place to disappear for a week or a month needing nothing from the outside world.

There is a stream on the property and a wide range of fruit and vegetables in abundance.

This is for romance with an independent air.



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