French Interior Design for Caribbean Property

French Interior Design for Your Caribbean Property

French interior design is inherently classic and perfectly suited to the more spacious Caribbean properties.  Including large apartments and villas in the islands like Antigua, Barbados and Anguilla or Central America in countries like Costa Rica or Panama or wherever in this exotic and tropical  region you decide to buy.

Property prices in the Caribbean can be very expensive, but then again they can also be remarkably affordable.  Ask the right questions and consult with the right people, be honest about your budget and your requirements to purchase a property as an investment or a place to call home.  With proper guidance and good decision-making you will find that you won’t need to spend your full budget, and there will be a good surplus for peripherals including interior decorating.

There are many styles for interior design in tropical homes including Colonial, Plantation, Balinese, Japanese, Italian and many others.

But taking into account the classic and regal nature of French interior design, what could possibly be more fitting for a Caribbean property?

Shabby chic – The perfect choice for Caribbean homes

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘shabby chic’, it’s a form of interior design that uses furniture and furnishings chosen for their classic properties that hail from bygone eras and/or display signs of wear and tear. Quite often new items of furniture and furnishings are ‘distressed’ to make them look older than they actually are so as to achieve an antique appearance.

An apt manner in which to define or describe the shabby chic style is that of ‘opulence yet cottage-style homeliness and familiarity’ and quite often emphasis is placed on soft colours and tones, which makes it very effeminate in many ways, the perfect choice for your Caribbean home.

Whites and greys are popular colours for shabby chic design themes – though don’t feel limited in any way when decorating your Caribbean home with shabby chic furniture – and many also incorporate soft blues and pinks to add a touch of colour, and perhaps match the natural colours of the Caribbean, especially soft blue tones to match that paradisiacal sea.

Natural simplicity in design

French interior design is an extremely broad term and therefore encompasses countless varying, and often conflicting, design theories and styles, for example pastoral motif and natural eco-decor simplicity. These are two somewhat opposing styles and both have been used to great effect when decorating interiors, most notably bedrooms.

The pastoral motif style hails from the fashionable era of Marie Antoinette – Dauphine of France (1770 – 1774) and Queen of France and Navarre (1774 – 1792) – and its busy yet classic qualities are quite the opposite of the natural simplicity of eco-decor. Both styles have proven extremely popular amongst homeowners decorating their Caribbean homes, though the writer is unashamedly an advocate of the latter style due to its natural, minimalist simplicity that perfectly matches the nature and beauty of the islands, the locals, the sea and the Caribbean as a whole.

Colours used in French interior design

Whilst shabby chic design and style uses soft colours and tones, that isn’t to say that you should feel restricted in any way when decorating your Caribbean home, in fact, many advocates of shabby chic design are venturing further and further away from the classic grey and white shades that are so often associated with this nouveau classic style.

Caribbean home with french colonia

Caribbean home with french colonial style

Natural colours, though usually soft colours and shades, are increasingly popular amongst shabby chic interior designers, and taking into account the immensely appealing soft colours and tones that will form a part of your everyday life in the Caribbean, you’ll find that you have so many natural colours and tones to work with when decorating the interior of your new Caribbean home.

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