A Little More Avocado Please!

Growing and Storing Avocados

As an enthusiastic lover of avocados there have been many times I have paced up and down past the fruit bowl waiting for one to hurry up and ripen.
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Avocados only ripen after being picked from the tree as mature fruits. I have found the process is speeded up by keeping it in a brown bag, a closed drawer or with bananas whose ethylene gas hastens the ripening. If possible I solve the waiting problem by buying several at a time mixing a selection of ripe, half ripe and hard to see me through a few days.If for some reason you do not eat a whole avocado in one sitting, (strange), the uneaten part should be stored in the fridge either resting with the cut part on a plate or sprinkled with some lemon juice to prevent oxidization and that yucky brown appearance. If they do go brown however this does not mean it is bad and the dark part can be scraped off with a knife to reveal the green fresh part underneath.

Avocados can be grown, even in temperate climates as an indoor plant. These mini-trees will not sprout fruits in cooler environments as they are suited to hot and tropical places. I can definitely relate to this! In the tropics a full avocado tree will grow from seed but takes 4-6 years to mature into a fruit bearing plant. For commercial growers grafting the trees is a preferable and faster option and gives more of a guarantee on the quality of fruit.At present the tree in my garden is dropping many of the immature little fruits on to my roof. I was getting frustrated at the thought of them all going to waste but have been reassured that there are plenty more on the branches and that this dropping process is just the trees way of lightening its load in order to have enough space and nutrients to nurture the chosen ones to full maturity. I certainly hope so as I have many plans for them!Okay I think I’ve fully indulged my passion for avocados in these past few weeks. I do hope you will share any additional information and most importantly enjoy all the benefits of the delicious avocado whilst it is in season.

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