A to Z Caribbean : Belize

Considering a Home in Belize

Lush and green, Belize is a nature lovers paradise with blue skies and blue waters lapping at it’s thousands of cayes. The 185 mile long coral reef is the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world and makes Belize a popular destination for divers and snorkellers.

The country is on the northern coast of central america and is 8,867 square miles with over 200 miles of coast to explore with white sands, mangrove swamps and lagoons all contributing to the abundant flora and fauna. The interior has a jungle and jaguar and maccaws can be found in their natural habitat.

Foreign ownership is encouraged by the government and Belize’s Retirement Program has been so successful that the government recently reviewed whether it should undergo a revamp. Not only that, the cost of living is fairly low. For example water supply for one month is likely to be around US$20 and your electricity bill is likely to be US$120 and up, with internet quite a pricey US$70 per month. However the weekly food bill can be as low as US$30 per month. If you don’t own a car, it is possible to live there fairly comfortably for approximately US$1000 per month. This figure is taking into account that a house has been purchased to live in.Belizeans have a GDI (Gross Domestic Income) of US$8400 per year, that means many people in Belize live off this type of income, and you could too. However, there are certain guidelines for foreigners to adhere to.

With the main language as English and being known for it’s peacefulness, Belize is gaining popularity with expats. The culture is very diverse and several different languages are spoken.

Properties can range from US$125,000 for a two bedroom home in San Pedro to US$799,000 for a luxury home with 3 master suites in a resort setting. An 11 acre farm in the interior can be acquired for just US$195,000.

Belize government has a variety of incentives including tax holidays ranging from 5 to 25 years, only 5% stamp duty on property purchase price for both foreigners and locals and annual property taxes of only 1% – 1.5%.

If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful country to spend some of your life abroad, Belize could be just what you have been looking for.

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