Architects vs. Contractors: Who to choose for your next Caribbean Home?

Architects vs. Contractors: Who to choose for your next Caribbean Home?

Homes in the Caribbean, have for many years, been constructed to suit individual preferences. Reconstructing your existing or new home in the Caribbean from a scratch heavily depends on your choice of hiring a contractor or an architect. Some people believe architects are the best choices for their home projects while others trust the expertise of contractors to finish their home construction projects.

There are some questions to ask yourself before constructing a new home. One of them is whether to hire a contractor or an architect?

Are both Architects and Contractors the same?

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Not at all! Architects are trained professionals who have studied the art of designing not just homes but buildings of all kinds. They have the expertise to understand what exactly their clients want and how they want to live in their newly constructed homes.

On the other hand, contractors only execute the plans designed by architects. They do get their hands dirty during this process but basically the architect drafts the blueprint of a house and the contractor implements it.

If you are torn between hiring a contractor or an architect for your next Caribbean home project, I have highlighted some core strengths of architects to make you aware how architects have an edge over contractors. I will share some capabilities of architects which will help you in deciding why you should choose an architect over a contractor.

Architects possess creativity coupled with Pragmatism
Architects never build castles in the air. They work by your budget requirements and tend to keep all financial and structural aspects in mind. If anything is not possible due to financial or other restraints, they will simply find an alternative for it.

They are creative yet they are also very practical and this attribute makes them not as expensive as other people believe them to be. They will never say no to your need but will always find some kind of replacement or an alternative for your desired requirement. Their in-born creativity is corroborated with their college degree to make them design and implement solutions which are not heavy on your pocket.

On the contrary, contractors may pay attention to your financial concerns but instead of finding alternatives they may substitute low quality building materials or fixtures to get the job done. Only professional and licensed contractors can take care of your home construction projects like architects while most of them simply ignore such relevant issues.

They are familiar with Cultures and Traditions
Their years spent at college make architects well aware of the cultural heritage and background information of your location which is the Caribbean in your case. By means of this information they can also design a house reflecting on your ancestral heritage as well as taking all necessary measures to sustain the newly built house in the Caribbean environment. Contractors are rarely seen paying any attention to such minute details. They usually go according to the plan drafted by architects and do not try to formulate any such theme or make little attempt to create an overall ambiance in your new home. They may suggest you to overcome current problems such as plumbing issues, electrical problems or Chinese Drywall hazards but they are not known to bring any cultural or traditional feel into your new home.

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Architects are obsessed about their work
Architects love their work. They are not doing this job only to finish your home project or just as a day job. It is their passion to make a house look good. From drafting the blue print to constructing it with the finest building materials to the installation of fixtures and appliances, an architect constructs a house like a mother nurtures her baby.

Contractors might take your project as a day job. Although they can be really good at it but it is something they do every day for hundreds of people. The personal touch found in case of a home built by an architect is missing in a home constructed by a contractor.

Choose an Architect for your Next Caribbean Home Project
These are just some of the advantages which you get by hiring an architect to finish your home construction project. If a contractor is to be chosen in any case, make sure that he is licensed and holds relevant experience and expertise to deliver high quality work. Otherwise, it is best to avail the expert services provided by an architect to construct your new home.

You can also ask your architect to use nature loving building materials for your construction project in the Caribbean.

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