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10 Mayan Sites to Explore in the Caribbean

10 Mayan Sites to Explore in the Caribbean

The Caribbean region is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations on the planet.

10 Mayan Sites - Belize Maya

10 Mayan Sites – Belize Maya

It also connects many, many countries from the smallest to the biggest on our planet. From Mexico the fifth biggest country in the world to almost the smallest, Saba with a population of 1900 souls.

Every year, millions of visitors frequent these many, many nations to enjoy themselves and relax on white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. But there is more to these Caribbean shores; much more!

Along with its natural splendours, the Caribbean is home to the mysterious vestiges of a once great nation, the Mayan people.  A civilization that covered much of Central America including, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and was well established for over 3500 years. Although this civilization is gone, the ruins of their once great empire linger, most of them in Mexico and Belize.  Along with these ruins there are opportunities to be had!

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