Beauty and Bargains – Buying in Belize

Beauty and Bargains in Belize

I’ve visited Belize twice and loved it, so it came as no surprise to me when I read recently that Belize is becoming more and more attractive for property buyers. As the only English speaking country in Central America (it was formerly British Honduras), expats find that it is easy to move there and find their way around.

The currency of Belize is fixed at 2 Belizean dollars to 1 US Dollar which is nice and simple. The cost of living is relatively low and I just read through the introduction for an e-book that promises to show how a couple can live on just US$450 a month! In these turbulent economic times this would be a boost to anyone.

Property prices are reasonable and there is a large variety of both land and property available. Caribbean Land and Property have a good selection of properties listed for sale to choose from. The Government of Belize is creating incentives for people over 45 to relocate to the country. These include tax-free income status and duty free concessions to import all your household items, a car and even boat or a light aircraft!. They have also recently reduced the stamp duty tax on real estate title transfers. The new rate is 0% up to US$10,000 in purchase price and 5% for any amount above US$10,000.

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Belize has incredible history and culture. I visited some of the Mayan ruins whilst there and was completely overawed by the experience. In addition there are fantastic beaches, great snorkeling and diving with the 2nd biggest coral reefs in the world. The rainforests are luscious and the wildlife amazing.The Belize tourism board states Belize is ‘Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret’ and I would have to agree that is certainly one of nature’s treasured places in the world.

The roads are long and not at all busy which is hardly surprising as the country only has a population of about 301,270  (2008 est.) living in  8,867 square miles (22,960 km²) of territory. Belize is the least populated country in Central America and has one of the lowest population densities in the world.

I do hope to return to Belize and enjoy the splendour of this country once again and I’d enjoy hearing from anyone who has made the move to Belize.

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