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Belize Retirement Program

Belize (formerly known as British Honduras until 1974) has the lowest density population of the South American countries and of the world. It is also the only South American country with English as the official first language and with a British colonial heritage.

Belize Retirement Program

In 1999 Belize announced a new initiative in the form of a tourist/immigration program to be run by the Belize Tourism Office to attract new blood to the 8,867sq mile country.

After 10 years of successfully running the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) program, the government of Belize is ready to change the rules. The program was created to incent retirees over 45 with a monthly income of at least US$2000 to move to Belize.

A cap of 20,000 retirees was determined, that limit has now almost been reached and a less generous program is expected to be introduced in early 2010. New retirees from Canada, United States and United Kingdom wanting to take advantage of the benefits offered are encouraged to apply now before the new rules are announced.This affordable frost-free country has a population of approximately 300,000 with 1 person in every 15 being a QRP applicant. The attractive incentives include being able to import household goods worth up to US$15,000, a vehicle, a boat and a lightweight aircraft duty free. Permanent residency is granted and Belize government do not ask expat retirees to pay tax on income derived from outside of Belize.

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