Brazilian Hardwood Kit Homes

Brazilian Hardwood Kit Homes Flatpacked for the Caribbean


Brazilian Hardwood Kit Homes and Houses

Brazilian Hardwood kit homes cannot be home-produced in a sustainable or cost-effective way in the islands.

The local islands do not support large forests of hardwood trees, and although most of the islands do have a solid infrastructure for sustainable forestry there is not enough acreage to create a commercial timber industry.

The mountainous terrain on most of the forested smaller islands prohibits extraction of large trees and would mean planking in situ on steep mountainsides and then walking each plank out.

Construction material therefore consists mainly of concrete, block and steel.  This is expensive. Its not environmentally kind to the region, and leaves a nasty black carbon footprint.  But it is the most mass produced form of construction.


Brazilian Hardwood Kit Homes and Houses – One bedroom Cabin

But for those who prefer wood for its aesthetic, organic and environmental impact there are several solutions.  The most cost effective and the best for its use of common skills already within the existing labour force, are hardwood kit homes and commercial buildings.

This type of factory construction, which is reassembled on site, ensure that building time goes from a minimum of 9 months to less than a month. These pre-packed hardwood kit homes can be reinforced to meet local hurricane construction requirements. Added to which,  hardwood homes survive better in earthquake zones than any other type of construction.

Its not always easy to find manufacturers who are willing to ship to the islands, without a premium added on the price.


Brazilian Hardwood Kit Homes and Houses – 4 Bedroom Villa

CASAS CURITIBA have been producing quality Brazilian hardwood kit homes for more than 30 years. Their factory is based in Brazil and they have lots of experience in designing and building Brazilian hardwood kit homes and commercial properties for the islands. All products being made from the finest Brazilian Hardwoods.

CASAS CURITIBA is pleased to present a beautiful, well-built, solid alternative to expensive, time consuming construction of your home, office, recreation room or cabana. Our precut, prefab hardwood homes are an excellent value, well-priced and built with high quality.”

Their off-the-shelf range goes from a simple one bedroom cabin of 35 sq. meters, a 200 sq. meter 4 bedroom home,  all the way up to a 1,000 square meter or larger hotel/motel complex.

Brazilian Hardwood Kit Homes and Houses -

Brazilian Hardwood Kit Homes and Houses – Small home

If you want something more special, custom built to your own specifications and design, they offer this service too. Your new home, entirely unique,  will be shipped to your building site ready for immediate assembly by your local contractor, along with a specialist advisor from Curitiba.  They leave nothing to chance.

“The CASAS CURITIBA Brazilian Hardwood Kit Home includes all of the hardwood for your home, including walls, solid hardwood floors, doors & windows–precut and ready to assemble. With the Finishing Kit, you will have a Spanish Tile roof, ceramic tiles for all walls & floors of kitchens and baths.”

In hurricane zones, corrugated tin roofs are notorious for being too light and lifting in high winds.  The Spanish Tile roof that comes with these hardwood kits is a great bonus and ensures that along with other precautions, the hardwood kit home is well protected for storms.

Basically, its ready to rock and roll!

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    I am looking for a hard wood house between 150 to 200 square metres to erect near the beach on the island of trinidad can I get an approximate cost in US dollars and a site where I can view the kits offered.

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