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Recycling Caribbean Cars to Make Roads

Recycling Caribbean Cars and Trucks to make Roads

We don’t do enough recycling in the islands, for very good economic reasons that I cannot dispute.  In recycling, economies of scale are paramount, and in small communities its an insurmountable problem.

Nevertheless there are several recycling companies that we have found in the region and we are looking for more to compile a complete list.  One in Trinidad does takes scrap metal, which is my particular concern, especially with regards to old cars and trucks.


Recycling Caribbean Cars to Make Roads

I have a theory that if we filled all the potholes in our Caribbean roads with the abandoned wrecks that line them, we could kill two birds with one recycle, so to speak!

It is only a theory!  A civil engineer would tell me, don’t be silly!   Combining several completely different construction materials like concrete, asphalt and various metals needs serious levels of engineering,  and it has to be done right.  My reply would be ..but it cannot be worse than it is now!

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