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Costa Rica properties are getting a lot of interest from potential buyers. Costa Rica is the flavour of the month with Google’s search results for ‘costa rica real estate’ with up to 90,500 searches for this term per month.

According to Costa Rican newspapers and realtors, there is ‘guarded optimism’ that the valley of the economic crisis is on it’s way behind and out of view for real estate affairs.

A program named Happy Planet Index, which was introduced by the New Economics Foundation – measures ‘happiness’ in terms of human well-being and satisfaction and the environmental impact caused by the country. Costa Rica was No 1 of 143 countries measured in 2009. That isn’t an easy success I’m sure. The country is planning and working it’s way to becoming the first country to be ‘carbon neutral’. This is planned for 2021.

A 1987 Nobel Peace Prize is held by the president of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, for his work towards bringing peace to Latin America when it was going through a period of turmoil. He has also changed the economic focus of the country onto a more modern agricultural focus (flowers and exotic fruits) and tourism as opposed to coffee and bananas. However, production of gourmet coffee beans is bringing an income for the country.

That isn’t all for Costa Rica to bring to the party though…. in terms of tourism, Costa Rica is known for it’s great surfing opportunities and it’s ecotourism. It rates 2nd in the Caribbean, just behind Barbados and 1st out of the Latin American countries on the scale of attractiveness for developing a travel and tourism business (Travel & Tourism Competitive Report – 2009).

With all of these factors combined, does this mean that Costa Rica is one of the first to emerge from the world’s downturn with it’s real estate focus…? We will have to wait and see, but it seems that Costa Rica properties are under the spotlight for investors right now.

If you would like to know more about Costa Rica properties, please visit our page on Costa Rica Properties or contact our sales agents.

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