Earthbag Construction for Curved Designs

Earthbag Construction for Circles and Curved Designs

Earthbag construction is used for several very good reasons but one of them is the ability to create structures that are made up from flowing curves.


Earthbag Construction

These curves can be on the horizontal, such as an elegantly curved wall.  Or they can be compound curves where the structure curves in both the horizontal and vertical plane at the same time, such as a dome structure.

To obtain the beauty of these curves with other traditional building materials used in the Caribbean is difficult.

Masonry can be arranged to create curves and if you are willing to pay for expensive form work it is also possible to create curves with poured concrete. However most other building materials are much better suited to creating straight vertical walls, and used for the majority of construction projects in the Caribbean.

Earthbag Construction for Circles and Curved Designs

Earthbag Construction – How to Build An Earthbag House DVD

Architects seeking to relieve their designs from the austerity of hard flat concrete surfaces, could look to the possibility of combining areas of earthbag walling within a traditional reinforced concrete building.  This creates a building that enjoys the benefits of both materials, whilst  also offering  greater flexibility to the design process.

The use of earthbags to create sections of infill walling within a traditional reinforced masonry and concrete structure, should prove not too difficult an introduction to the use of earth bag construction.  For planning and building code departments throughout the Caribbean, who may not have yet come across earthbag construction, this is a nice logical introduction.

Some farseeing planning departments in the Caribbean have already seen the merits of such an eco friendly building method such as the Bahamas.

Buildings given the earthbag treatment also enjoy the additional benefits of humidity control and an improvement to the interior acoustics.  Plastered with a natural lime finish which allows the walls to breathe, the feel and ambience to these wonderful natural buildings improves any lifestyle.

So now by utilizing earthbag construction, architects have a little more freedom to include some classic curves into their interior and exterior designs.

These free form designed buildings stand out from the rest and giving their occupants a visually pleasing interior making the building a very unique and comfortable place to live or work.

The pleasure of the free form non-linear design style is what makes earthbag construction so iconic.

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