Feng Shui your Caribbean Home

Feng Shui your Caribbean Home


Our Carib ancestors idea of a little feng shui in the home or in ceremonial structures like the traditional carbet, would be the ‘Zemi’ or iconic representations of their many Gods and spirits. Essential ones like the Gods of food, weather, wealth and health would be carefully placed to enhance the space and its creative energy, or represented on portraits or carvings on interior and exterior finishes including chairs, tables, pillars and eating utensils like the Calabash bowls.

Zemi God

Most of this living space art tradition is now lost sadly, but any modern Caribbean home could and perhaps should pay a little homage to the peoples who were here before us with a small benign weather icon outside on the verandah or wealth Zemi over the front door!

Some people are worried about living in older houses as they are conscious of the spiritual energy of previous owners, this includes the arrangement of the furniture, and also the garden space beyond the walls of your home.

Feng Shui Your Caribbean Villa

Feng Shui Your Caribbean Villa

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3000 years ago in China. It is used to distinguish the ways of balancing the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people living there. Translating from Chinese Feng means wind whilst Shui means water; in Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health and fortune.

This will prove itself to work even if you are not the spiritual type. Take one step at a time and try something new. There is nothing you can lose by trying so why not try?

Moving into a new Caribbean home represents a start of a new period in your life. For some people it is a great opportunity to start fresh and get rid of any unwanted things.

Below are some tips on a few changes that you could make today.

Try to Avoid

  • more than one pair of shoes near the entryway of your foyer;
  • any electrical appliances next to your bed, aside from a bedside light;
  • positioning your headboard underneath a window or a beam;
  • using a computer, tablet and a phone in your bedroom. This will add fire energy to your bedroom and worsen your quality of sleep.


  • that sunlight and fresh air are coming into the bedroom on a daily basis;
  • keeping some stones that have Zen feel to them in a small container on your bedside table. This will give you the feel of tranquillity;

Ensure the energy can flow well all around the house – if there is a piece of furniture that you keep bumping into then we would advise you to move it. Cluttered rooms don’t let energy flow freely. Clearing out your house will help the energy flow easier and will help you achieve your dreams.

Wall decorations
Look at the photos, drawings and pictures on your wall. How do they make you feel? Do they provoke good or bad feelings and memories when you look at them? Make sure you feel happy looking at the photos as this sends out good energy and positive vibes. They need to give you energy rather than take it away from you.

Arrange the seating so that most people can see the entrance door whilst sat down. This will avoid them turning around each time someone comes in through the door and will also work well from the energy point of view.

Remove dead flowers and plants as they represent dead and negative energy, which means they are the worst things to have in the house. Stay away from dried flowers as they have also proven to take the energy away.

Broken items
Replace anything that is broken, cracked, moulding, rotting or in a bad condition. Care for your new home the same way as you would care for yourself. Our homes are like mirrors to our inner and outer worlds. If you feel like there is a problem with your home, you might want to start making changes to your own everyday live. Furthermore mould is toxic therefore needs to be addressed straight away.

Steps to Wealth and Prosperity

Rice and Feng Shui in Caribbean Villas

Rice and Feng Shui in Caribbean Villas

Rice and Red Pockets
This might sound very different to what you would have heard before, but it is always worth the try. Carry a rice container with you when you step inside your new house. The container should be filled with rice and have two red pockets inside. This ritual will help you attract wealth and fortune. The Chinese believed that rice was a symbol for the family’s wealth and prosperity.

Get Your Bedroom in Order
The next step you could take is to invite positive energy into your new house by setting up the beds. This is associated with gaining fortune and bringing happiness into the new home. The main point to consider is getting the order of the bedding right – start with the bed sheets, followed by the quilt and then pillows.

Feng Shui in the bedroom.

Feng Shui in the bedroom.

Another thing to consider is where your bed is located in comparison to the door. You should avoid having the bed in front of the door or placed near the door as you want to avoid the energy cutting across the bed.

The bed is designed for sleeping so you want to make sure you get a good night’s sleep – this will make you feel more rested and will lead to more energy within yourself.

Incorporating a little traditional native Caribbean art with the Chinese science of feng shui will make for a unique energy space in your island home.


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