Five Ways To Trim Your Caribbean Villa’s Utility Costs

Five Ways To Trim Your Caribbean Villa’s Utility Costs

clp-blogWe are  all familiar with the evolution of Caribbean Villas and how comfort in the villas, during the summer, have changed. The older designs have huge wooden windows and doors which allow air and light freely inside – they also allow the ever changing, wide range of Caribbean moths which come out to play during summer nights. The more modern villas, those constructed over the last 10 years have catered to cool indoor air circulation with the windows and doors shut. This modern method is called air-conditioning and while it can prevent the un-welcomed winged friends, it can also be quite costly!

So, whether summer time at your villa is a family vacation or long, lazy days relaxing at home, one thing you’re not planning on is paying higher utility bills. With this is mind we have prepared a few tips which will help lower the cost of your villa’s utility bills this and every other summer!

Start Small.
Blog-Caribbean-Villa-Energy-SavingLuckily you don’t have to make drastic changes before realising a reduction in your utility bills. Take a look around your home to see if you are still using standard light bulbs anywhere. If you are, switching to LED lights can help you cut down your energy usage by 50-80%! This is a simple and inexpensive way to get started on saving money—not just for the summer, but throughout the seasons.

Shake things up in the kitchen.
Increased visitors, entertaining or stay-over guests can only mean one thing to your kitchen – more cooking! This can increase the amount of hot air circulating in the home – imagine that on a sunny day indoor! If your villa is air conditioned you can double your bill by turning up the Thermostat, if it isn’t, the popular alternative in the Caribbean is standing fans – those can increase electricity bills. So, during the summer, try making fresh salads or sandwiches – anything that requires less or no heating! If you can’t stay away from your favorite foods, fire up the grill in the backyard and host a summer barbecue to keep the excess heat away from your house.

Install a programmable thermostat.
Most Caribbean Villas are being constructed to cater for those hot summer days with more modern, international comforts like air-conditioning. If you are going down this route be sure to use a newer thermostat model. It will allow you to preset what temperature you want your house to stay at throughout the day. For example, you can turn the temperature up during the day while your guests are home, and then set it to cool down again as you start your evening unwinding.

Clean the air filters.
Blog-Caribbean-Villa-Energy-Saving-2Not every Caribbean villa has the need for this option – most of them swing the doors open! However, those in much warmer areas of the islands usually have the luxury of closing those doors and grabbing a remote. It’s obviously hotter during the summer, which means those villa owners will have to use your air conditioner more to keep the space cool. If you’re in one of those homes it is advisable to ensure that your Air-Filters are clean before turning on the cool air blasters. Dirty air filters prevent the smooth flow of cool air through the vents, so your air conditioner will have to work much harder just to do its job. Another bonus of making sure your filters stay clean is that you won’t suffer from respiratory issues or other health concerns that can be caused by dirt and dust floating in the air.

Switch your fans on.
Ensure that your Caribbean villa has fans, either standing or ceiling fans therefore you can use your ceiling fan instead of your air conditioner during those hot summer days. Ceiling fans, even when they are being used on their max setting, consumes much less energy than your air conditioner, so you will definitely see a decrease in your utility bill. To save even more energy, make sure you close the air vents in any rooms that are not in use such as guest bedrooms. This small change can help lighten the air conditioner unit’s workload so it doesn’t use as much energy to cool your home.

With these five tips, you can enjoy the summer with  friends and not have to  worry  about your villa racking up huge bills at the end of the month!

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