Gadgets for Caribbean Roofers

toolbox-caribbean-roofing-supplies-150Technology plays a pivotal role in the day to day running of many business, homes and personal lives in the Caribbean. Today’s ever changing technological environment encourages inventors who are constantly revealing new products and gadgets geared at making professional and personal lives more efficient, practical, convenient and adaptable.

The more common gadgets are found in education, marketing, sports and networking however, the quiet occupation of roofing does have its own “gadgets collection”. Roof installation entails a number of different processes, and manufacturers are continually coming up with new tools to make the modern roofer’s job more efficient. Here are some old and new tools that just might come in handy when you’re next roofing a Caribbean villa.

Magnetic Sweeper for Caribbean Roofers

Magnetic Sweeper for Caribbean Roofers

Magnetic sweeper –  A magnetic sweeper contains powerful magnets making it ideal for tasks like loading up a nail bag, picking up nails in gutters and cleaning metal debris from tight spaces. It is convenient, quick and comes in varying sizes. There is a large wheeled sweeper which can be used on lawns or large construction spaces and there is a smaller, handheld, sweeper for flower beds or hard-to-reach, smaller, areas.

Tool Sheath – The tool sheath is convenient when roofing or doing other projects, as it saves the roofers from climbing back and forth to get the tools, as their need arises. The tool sheath allows you to keep your roofing shears or seam roller within easy reach and you can carry it around by attaching it to your belt. This reduces significant time which would normally be spent finding tools and carrying them around.

Tool Sheath for Caribbean Roofers

Tool Sheath for Caribbean Roofers

Slate Cutter –  A slate cutter is a handy tool for slicing through both slate and shingles. No, not the bulky slate cutter – a handheld cutter which makes cutting and trimming slate tiles quick and easy. It further reduces the waste caused by breaking tiles using the traditional scoring and snapping technique.

Ridge Bucket – Easily collect shingles or other roofing materials whilst improving safety by using the specially designed ridge bucket. This bucket features a rugged V-shaped base that allows the bucket to be placed on a ridge without sliding. Ideal for use on any roofs or construction on steep heights.

Ridge Bucket for Caribbean Roofers

Ridge Bucket for Caribbean Roofers

Roof Pitch Calculator – Most roofers are very happy to feel the stretch of a measuring tape however, this old fashioned method can be time consuming and sometimes challenging depending on the angle of the measure of interest. Offering safety and convenience is the Roof Pitch Calculator – this handy tool makes it easy to determine roof pitch without a tape measure or level: just set the gauge on the roof, or the underside of a rafter, and get the answers you need instantly.

Gutter Scoop – Every Caribbean roof has one constant – guttering, water from rainfall is controlled  for either storage purposes or just to protect certain areas of the property from water pressure. Thus, they share the same problems when it comes to cleaning them! Well, here is a solution – The gutter scoop is designed to fit inside the gutter trough for easy removal of gutter debris without causing damage to the gutter. It also protects hands from cuts and scrapes on sharp edges.

The non traditional gadgets listed above can increase efficiency and improve on the health and safety of roofers, or home owners.

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