The Importance of Effective Household Plumbing

Bahamas Villa Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Bahamas Villa
Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

According to the Caribbean Environment Programme, the effective management of wastewater is a huge challenge in the Wider Caribbean Region with up to 85% of untreated wastewater currently being discharged in rivers, bays and seas.

While current and prospective home owners can do very little about larger sources of waste like, factories and refineries we can certainly make a big difference by controlling our domestic sewage.
How do we go about making that difference? We start by ensuring that we have the highest quality household plumbing – and not just stopping there but, also ensuring that the waste we allow down our plumbing isn’t detrimental to our Caribbean water sources. Through the use of biodegradable detergents and other household necessities we can contribute greatly towards alleviating the impact that individuals have on the environment

The importance of good plumbing

Bequia luxury villa, domestic plumbing. Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Bequia luxury villa domestic plumbing.
Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Plumbing harnesses our most precious resource, water, to use safely in our homes. Modern-day plumbing innovations have significantly reduced the amount of water used by flushing toilets, shower heads and taps. Water is not an infinite resource and every gallon saved is important. The drought that hit parts of the Caribbean in 2015 asserted once again the importance of conserving water by any means possible.

Water efficiency adds significantly to subsequent energy savings as less water used equates to less water being heated and transported. Effectual plumbing plays a vital part in using water efficiently with certain technologies such as faucet aerators in bathrooms assisting in the saving of both energy and water.

Practical and fully-functional sanitation and plumbing systems have the ability to both deliver clean water and remove potentially hazardous waste disposed of through drains and toilets, protecting entire populations from communicable diseases.

Apart from delivering clean water to where it is required, plumbing is also essential for the discarding of waste materials. Wastewater leakages due to faulty pipes can pose significant threats to both individuals as well as the environment.

If you buy less, you will dispose of less

By minimizing your use of perilous products you will also minimize the need to dispose of it. Purchasing smaller containers where possible will eliminate any leftover, unused products that you need to get rid of. It is also imperative to become environmentally conscious and choose products that are less abrasive and made with natural ingredients in order to avoid hazardous waste being created.

It may not always be possible to completely avoid using hazardous household material but with proper disposal we can significantly reduce the impact it has on the environment and thereby protect ourselves, our families and our environment. It takes only seconds to make a bad decision but the repercussions can last a lifetime.

Ensuring that your household plumbing is in an optimal working condition will both guarantee that your wastewater is safely disposed of and minimise the amount of household waste entering our water sources .

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