Juicy, Bright and Succulent – the Delights of Mango

The Delights of Mango

Few things in the world are more satisfying than biting in to a ripe and juicy mango. The sensory pleasure that comes from the taste, texture and the feeling of the juice running down your arm is a pure delight!

Mango season in the Caribbean is at its height right now and there is an abundance of fruits throughout the summer although there are always a few odd trees sprouting some off season varieties. Mangos originated in Asia and have a rich and long history. However whilst they are not indigenous to the Caribbean they have settled into the region for so many years that it would be impossible to disassociate the islands with the mango fruit.

Amazingly there are up to 1000 different types of mango in the world! Although there are far less in the Caribbean there is still a profusion of varieties and during the height of the season I like to make it into a personal contest to see how many different kinds I can eat before lunchtime!

I love the juicy richness of Julie mangos, the stringy and tart ‘mango long’, the enormity of mango ‘bef’, the fresh flavour of ‘mango woz’, the perfumey taste of the small and as yet unidentified mangos we have in our garden, the list could go on….I have a farmer friend who has a rare type he calls ‘ice-cream mango’ because in truth the mangos actually taste like they are filled with sugar and cream. They are so delicious that my mouth is already watering at the thought!In general a mango tree can grow to a very large specimen and are attractive with their evergreen bushy leaves. Because of their potential size the University of Florida advises that “Mango trees in the home landscape should be planted 25 to 30 feet or more (7.6 to 9.1 m) away from buildings, electrical wires, or other trees.”

It is advised that mango tress are grown from grafted trees rather than from seed. This is because even if a seed is taken from the most delicious mango it is highly unlikely that the resulting tree will bear the same quality fruit.

I’ll delve in to the nutritional qualities and Best Free Cougar Dating Websites Online – Meet Cougars Absolute… versatility of mangos in another post…for now I’m going to eat a few.

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