New Roofing Technology for Caribbean Metal Roofs

StealthBond Roofing Adhesive

StealthBond Roofing Adhesive

Many Caribbean Villas experience, at some point or another, the effects of wear-and-tear on metal roofs which can range from; rust to leakages! It is inevitable that the essential part of the home, which takes on the full force of nature – allowing us a dry night’s rest, will at some point start loosing the ability to continue its amazing, protective job!

A common cause and source of weakness in the roof tend to be the holes from the nails or screws used to keep them fastened to the frame of the home. Those holes, overtime and from exposure to water and sunlight, start deteriorating thus reducing the durability of the metal roof. But, what if there was some way to remove this “weakness”/”disadvantage”? and perhaps, lengthen the life span and functionality of your metal roof?

Impossible? No, just use a glue instead of a screw! Well, that is essentially it… in a nutshell. This is exactly what the research and development department of StealthBond sought to do and have accomplished!

StealthBond Roofing AdhesiveTraditional 5V Crimp metal roofing installation requires thousands of screws to fasten the roofing panels to the roof decking. Thousands of fasteners mean thousands of penetrations in the metal panels. Not only can those screws cause unsightly oil-canning or dimpling of the panels, but over time, those screw fasteners can back out of the panels leaving a hole the roof

Introducing – StealthBond the first metal roofing system to utilise a structural adhesive for metal roofing installations. StealthBond’s high-strength structural adhesive technology provides a fastener-free installation of traditional 5V Crimp metal roofing panels. This virtually eliminates the thousands of exposed fasteners typical on standard installations. With StealthBond there are no exposed screws for 5V Crimp metal roofing panels, trims and flashings.

Structural adhesive technology has advanced tremendously in the last 5 years and is used for bonding components on aircraft and space shuttles. Why not take advantage of this technology on metal roofing panels? StealthBond is the metal roofing industry’s first concealed adhesive system utilizing structural adhesive technology. The proprietary fastening method is hidden and concealed.
StealthBond Roofing Adhesive
Homeowners have always preferred the traditional “Key West” look of a 5V Crimp metal roof, but they don’t like all the exposed screws that are necessary to install the metal roofing panels. Now your Caribbean Villa can have the “Key West” look you want without all the screws.

The StealthBond Advantage means roofs that are typically screwed down can now be installed as a Concealed Adhesive System.  No more screw holes.   No more worries. StealthBond. The Next Generation of Installation.

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