Precious Water

Water, Precious Water

I used to shower onboard my princely yacht of 30 feet, with only a gallon of water and actually get really clean. There was a method to my madness. On days I wanted to wash my long hair, I splurged and used two gallons. I actually do take longer showers on land, but feel so guilty, about wasting water, that I am often in and out of the shower in under 3 minutes, 5 minutes if doing my hair. I guess old habits are hard to die.

I remember 10 years ago, I visited the states and took a 6-7 minute shower at my friends’ house, then apologized profusely and told them I got carried away with the high pressure and the hot water. They looked at me like I had lost my mind and told me they rarely showered in under 30 minutes. (How do you get THAT dirty? Don’t you use soap?) but I kept my comments to myself, and figured their water bill must be horrendous. However, I found out later, that many places outside of the Caribbean have super cheap water prices. hence the odd looks my startled friends gave me.

I know sometimes I have had to remind visiting guests, new to the Caribbean, back when I was on cistern only, to “save some water for tomorrow too!” as I listened to them take 30-45 minute showers while I chewed on my nails, paced nervously and wondered what they would say if told them we had to buy a $450 truck load of water in a day or two if they kept up these wasteful practices….

Our water prices have actually improved over the years, as one of the few SMART things the local government has done, was build many desal plants to convert salt water into fresh then resell all to the public. Not all neighborhoods have “street” water though, many folks rely on cistern only, and if it runs dry, they have to hire a big noisy truck to come bring them more. The truck delivery is not cheap. Water is heavy, trucks are pricey and it takes a lot of time for the truck to go fill up, drive to your home and transfer all to your cistern. The water haulers like to live a comfy lifestyle, so a hefty profit is built into the cost of trucked water.

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