Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

With hurricane season now upon us it is time to begin preparations. In my lifestyles blog I wrote about some of the essential and ecological preparations we can make for stocking up on supplies. Now I want to make a few suggestions about how to protect the structure of our home because if that is damaged it matters little if we have a supply of food, good first aid kit or a wind-up radio! I just saw an animation on the damage various categories of hurricanes can do to a home and it’s fairly scary so let’s get prepared!If you can afford to do it, now is the time to employ a structural surveyor who can assess your home for any weak points. A comprehensive document on retrofitting your home is available online and offers some very practical advice for you to conduct your own home survey. Do fix up any recommended areas as soon as possible.

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Definitely check your roofing! If your roof is damaged or flies off in a hurricane the rest of your home and possessions do not stand much of a chance. Many businesses are offering discounts and special offers on roofing supplies at this time so take advantage of the promotions.

Many people decide to put up shutters or boards over their windows. This can be a crucial line of defense as if wind gets inside through a broken window the interior will be damaged and the roof is much more susceptible to being blown away. As I’m sure you can imagine, shattered and flying glass is also a huge hazard! Check out the pro’s and cons of various shutters and decide which ones you need to invest in.Trees are fantastic providers of shade and beautiful scenery but in a hurricane they can be a deadly source of destruction. Inspect your trees and carefully remove any damaged branches and any large ones that are overhanging your house. Trim trees that are near or overhanging electrical or phone wires and look for damage to the tree trunks as it may be best to remove these trees all together. Remember also to trim back your shrubs too as these are likely to break and fly about during a large storm. When planting, remember not to plant trees too close to your home, especially those with wide, shallow roots that will likely take down some of your infrastructure if they fall.

Bring inside any outdoor items such as furniture, decorations and garbage bins. Basically if it’s not tied down, secure it! Do an inventory of your possessions and keep anything precious in tightly sealed waterproof containers. Cover what you can with tarpaulin in case of minor leaks.

When building a new home consult with experts to ensure that the design features take into consideration your susceptibility to hurricanes. The most hurricane resistant shape is a dome so if you are really smack in the middle of a hurricane zone you may want to consider doing something very different from the norm and build a circular home!

I’m wishing you a very safe Quali sono gli effetti collaterali del Viagra? and uneventful hurricane season. Please feel free to share any additional hurricane-proofing tips with us at Caribbean Land and Property.

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