Roof your villa with Designer Metal

Roof your Caribbean villa with Designer Metal

Antigua Sea View Home

Antigua Sea View Home

Old fashioned corrugated iron and metal roofs used to lack style and design, and gave a building a rather shabby and downtrodden look. Somehow next to tiles, shingles, or concrete roofs they always made the building look like the poor cousin.

Not any more! Things have changed, and the metal roof (no longer iron) has come into its own. More adaptable than other materials it can have its own intrinsic design or mimic other materials whilst retaining its own special qualities.

Metal roofing is the system most qualified to perform in the extremes of wind, heat, humidity, and precipitation in all temperate climates, tropical and sub-tropical.

Lightweight & Reflective

Southeastern Metals

Southeastern Metals

Metal roofs do not have the weight of conventional roofing therefore structural soundness can be achieved with lighter lumber support. In areas of heavy snowfall, a metal roof has the added advantage of allowing the snow to quickly slide off the roof, preventing not only load accumulation, but also the messy water problems, which occur in a freeze/thaw cycle. In addition, instead of absorbing heat, a metal roof will reflect it away, greatly reducing your energy bills.

Metal roofing panels are often chosen by homeowners and architects for a variety of applications from residential homes to smaller do-it-yourself projects. Appearance, durability and the added benefit of security influence those who choose metal roofing. In addition, it is gentle on the environment, reflective, lightweight and easy to install over existing shingles.

Antigua three Storeyed Home

Antigua three Storeyed Home

This modern solution to roofing is available in a spectrum of colors and designs to compliment any exterior. Whether or not you are familiar with metal roofing, take a look at the growing popularity and versatility of this product.

Long Lasting
Metal roofing has been used throughout the last quarter century for commercial and residential projects. There are some excellent coating systems available, but if you are collecting drinking water from the roof, then check that it is safe and specially made for rainwater collecting systems.

Some coatings are so good that limited warranties are available for acrylic coated Galvalume, SemCoat and SemCoat Plus finishes. With a minimal amount of periodic maintenance, a metal roof should provide years of lasting performance. Metal also outperforms its closest alternative on a life-cycle cost comparison.

The strength or integrity of a quality roof should not be measured solely by its ability to withstand normal conditions, but rather, how it will hold up against the extremes of Mother Nature. Metal roofing continues to prove itself to be the system most qualified to perform in the extremes of wind, fire, and hail when properly installed. In many of the coastal environments, local building code officials are now beginning to develop stringent testing requirements which strongly favor the performance of metal roofing over all other types of roofing.

Southeastern Metal- Roofing Supplies

Southeastern Metal- Roofing Supplies

Gentle On The Environment
By installing a metal roof, a homeowner eliminates the dilemma of what to do with the worn out shingles they are continuously replacing. Instead of paying someone to haul them off to an already overcrowded landfill, a contractor will simply “furr-out” or lay roofing felt over the old roofing and install the new metal roof over it. Many homeowners are choosing to add insulation between the old and new roof, providing them the dual benefit of conserving precious energy and accelerating the payback period of their investment. In addition, this insulation provides a very soothing sound absorber.

south-eastern-metals-roofing-supplies-logoSoutheastern Metals offers a variety of state-of-the-art metal roofing products, which can be shipped to any of the Caribbean islands.  Many of our metal roofing products are Miami Dade County and Florida Building Code approved, conforming to some of the strictest code requirements in north america. For more information visit our webpage on Caribbean Home and House.

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