Silver Lining to Redundancy

If redundancy knocks on your door, this could be your opportunity to break free

It’s impossible to shrug off the despondency that can seep in like a cold winters fog, over the days that follow getting the news that you have been made redundant. The redundancy letter, no matter how nicely worded and appreciative of your contributions to the company, is likely to immediately turn your whole life upside down. However for some there is a silver lining in the redundancy payout – as this may allow a major change in the direction of your life.

Many choose to invest their redundancy cash into starting up a small businesses, or into an extension for the home, whilst others disillusioned with being made redundant, the falling property prices and the general economic gloom this winter, have taken the decision to up sticks and head for a new life in the sun.

Where better than the Caribbean where property prices on most islands are still rising steadily and you are guaranteed sunshine nearly every day of the year. Choosing some of the cheaper islands as your new home, can give you a better lifestyle for less per month due to the significantly lower cost of living, and for a few dollars extra, also allow you to employ a maid and a gardener.

For those who have been sitting for several years on the brink of taking early retirement, a redundancy payment can be the turning point that changes wishful thinking into action. opening up a host of possibilities. Some of the most popular choices are running a small guest house; buying some land and building a new home; or going back to nature and owning a small farm complete with alternative energy systems.

With modern technology being what it is, it is easy stay in touch with family members, friends, and colleagues, and whilst they brave out the winter in freezing conditions, you could be relaxing and enjoying the fruits of your success in the sunshine.

Modern technology can even provide you with an continuing income, with any the internet allowing many people to work in the Caribbean for large corporations or do freelance work as a writer, designer or consultant in any number of professions.

So remember, if redundancy knocks on your door, this could be your opportunity to break free from the humdrum of ordinary life and do something that you’ve always dreamed of doing, but never thought you would ever have the opportunity.

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