Simple Tips to Help Maintain Your Pool

Anguilla Villa Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Anguilla Villa
Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

There’s nothing quite like Caribbean living — relaxing by the pool after a long day or while entertaining friends, cocktail in hand, and taking a leisurely dip when the mood strikes. For this reason, having a pool in your own backyard is the ultimate dream for many homeowners. But, like anything worth having in life, keeping your pool clean and safe takes work. A poorly maintained pool results in algae and debris buildup, as well as expensive repairs. Fortunately, all this can be avoided with the following simple tips to help maintain your Caribbean pool.

BVI Villa Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

BVI Villa
Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Establish a cleaning routine

If your pool is already dirty you’ll need to perform a more intensive cleaning process. Otherwise, simply use the steps below for your pool cleaning routine. Go over your pool with a skimmer net to collect unwanted debris — leaves, twigs, and bugs. Do this daily to prevent the debris sinking to the bottom. Next, use a heavy-duty brush — attached to a telescopic pole for ease — to remove dirt, stains, and algae from the pool walls and floor. Once or twice a week should do the trick. Rest assured, once any algae is pushed into the water, the chlorine will kill it. You should also vacuum the floor of your pool regularly.

Maintain your filter

Your filter works to remove debris from the pool and therefore needs cleaning on a regular basis. Once a week you should turn the filter off, remove the filter basket, and clean out the dirt. Once a month, the filter pipes will also need cleansing. Simply set your filter to “backwash”, which essentially reverses the direction of water flow to flush out unwanted debris.

Balance your chemical levels

Keeping proper pool water chemistry levels is essential. It ensures your pool is safe to swim in and that the water stays clean, clear, and blue. Briefly, the process involves: balancing the water, maintaining proper pH levels, maintaining proper alkalinity, and maintaining proper calcium hardness. You can get a hold of testing kits which tell you the chemical levels of the water, allowing you to simply make any adjustments necessary.

Anguilla Villa Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Anguilla Villa
Photo Credit : Caribbean Land and Property

While it is great fun and cost effective doing the basic cleanup you should also, at least once a year schedule the service of a professional pool cleaner.

A professional will help catch and fix small or unseen problems early-on.

Follow these basic, every day tips not only will you have a clean pool for entertaining, you’ll also be able to enjoy your pool for many years to come.

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