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Agouti The Celebrity Gene

Agouti The Celebrity Gene turns Cat into Tabby

The lowly Caribbean Agouti, which always gets to my growing broccoli before I do, turns out to be a big cheese in the science of genetics!  In future I will have more respect whilst planning ways to prevent them using my vegetable garden like their own!

Agouti the celebrity gene

Agouti the celebrity gene: An agouti munching on a guava

The Agouti gene which governs banding and spotting on mammals is so-called after the dark unusual fur colouring, (brown streaked with grey)  found on the genus Dasyproctidae.  The genus covers a large group of about 12 different types of South American rodents, known to us more commonly as the Agouti.

Back to the gene; some cats are tabby because of the Agouti Gene, some horses are bays, and some dogs have sable and tan points, all to do with recessive and dominant genes!  Tigers, leopards and zebras are all effected by it and the list goes on.

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