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Caribbean island of Antigua in the West Indies

Pool Designs for a Caribbean Home

Pool Designs for a Caribbean Home

Pool Designs for a Caribbean Home

Pool Designs for a Caribbean Home

The only place to put a swimming pool in the Caribbean is outdoors!  Unconstrained and unconfined, you can place your pool anywhere under the sky, on the sea, a river or the good green earth!

When planning the swimming pool for your new Caribbean home, there will be design and budgetary decisions.

When it comes to style and design, choose how big a part of your lifestyle the pool is going to play.  In cooler climes the warm kitchen or a roaring fire in the living area is the heart of the home, in the tropical Caribbean a cool well designed pool can be the heart of the home.

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A to Z Caribbean : Antigua

A Caribbean Island called Antigua

The country of Antigua & Barbuda, with a population of 83,000, is made up of 3 main islands; Antigua is just 108 square miles in size (14 miles long by 11 wide), however it is still the largest of the English speaking Leeward Islands. Barbuda is 30 miles to the north and just 68 square miles of coral island. Redonda is essentially just a large high rock uninhabited by humans, but with sea birds and wild goats in residence.

The main island of Antigua is mostly flat with the highest peak being Boggy Peak at 1320ft. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches and there are many offlaying coral reefs that offer fantastic snorkelling and diving. The original inhabitants, the Amerindians, named it ‘Wadadli’ which means ‘our own’. It was named ‘Antigua’ (meaning ‘ancient’) by Columbus after a church in Spain.

Tourism is the main economy of Antigua, with employment being mostly in tourism and government services. Agriculture is limited due to an insufficient supply of water on the island, with most of what is grown being consumed locally.

Antigua also have a large international airport that is used as a hub for many of the other islands of the Caribbean. VC Bird International Airport has over 1 million passengers passing through it’s terminal each year. There are also two medical schools located on the island.

The reputed 365 white sand beaches are the foremost attraction for visitors to Antigua. Many hotels and all inclusive resorts offering sports and activities or just relaxation, line the shores. The myriad restaurants are varied in foods and cuisines.

During May / June each year, Antigua Sailing Week brings many world class professional and amateur sailors to the island. English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour are the centre of yachting in Antigua for provisioning, docking and anchoring. English Harbour is also home to Nelson’s Dockyard. Built in 1725, this was a maintenance dockyard for the British Royal Naval Warships as they protected their reign over the valuable sugar islands of the Caribbean. Remnants of the dockyard are still visible, including the boat house & sail loft, which has been roofless since a hurricane in 1871.

The beauty of Antigua has attracted many notable people to purchase a residence there including:

Oprah Winfrey
Richard Branson
Eric Clapton
Giorgio Armani
Silvio Berlosconi
Larry Flynt
Timothy Dalton

Antigua has direct airline access to Europe, US and Canada. It is a lovely spot to explore and discover whether you too could own a residence on this land of 365 beaches.

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