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Feng Shui your Caribbean Home

Feng Shui your Caribbean Home


Our Carib ancestors idea of a little feng shui in the home or in ceremonial structures like the traditional carbet, would be the ‘Zemi’ or iconic representations of their many Gods and spirits. Essential ones like the Gods of food, weather, wealth and health would be carefully placed to enhance the space and its creative energy, or represented on portraits or carvings on interior and exterior finishes including chairs, tables, pillars and eating utensils like the Calabash bowls.

Zemi God

Most of this living space art tradition is now lost sadly, but any modern Caribbean home could and perhaps should pay a little homage to the peoples who were here before us with a small benign weather icon outside on the verandah or wealth Zemi over the front door!

Some people are worried about living in older houses as they are conscious of the spiritual energy of previous owners, this includes the arrangement of the furniture, and also the garden space beyond the walls of your home.
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