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Frog Friends – Saving the World's Amphibians

Caribbean Frogs Needing Help

Am I the only one who thinks that frogs are one of nature’s cutest creatures? Fairy tales have told us about kissing a frog and having it turn in to a handsome prince but I’m happy with the frog itself!

We get at least one ‘froggy’ visitor in the house each week and I just can’t stop gushing over how adorable they are. I do my best to capture them for a moment in order to release them into the outside world again where, I’m sure the natural damp environment will suit them much more than the inside of my house.

I can say that it gives me more vital energy. Viagra pill. All the medications one can see in our product lists are generic.

The decline in the world population of frogs in recent years is devastating. Conservationists have assessed that up to half of the world’s 6,000 amphibian species (frogs, toads, newts, caecilians and salamanders) are in danger of extinction. This has been attributed mostly to human impacts – destruction of habitats, climate change, pollution and pesticide use. To make matters worse amphibians around the world are also being severely affected by a deadly parasitic fungus known as amphibian chytrid. So what can we do to help our little frog friends?

Well, I just found out that 2008 has been named the Year of the Frog by an array of conservationist groups. A new organisation known as the Amphibian Ark (AArk) has been set up to coordinate the international effort. There are numerous frog-themed activities lined up for the rest of the year and they have lovely kits for raising awareness of the plight and ways of protecting our frogs. From the comfort of our desks we can participate by signing their online petition and getting involved in the charity auction where you can bid for the privilege of naming a species of frog!

There are also practical things that we can do in our own back gardens. As frogs are highly affected by chemicals, cultivating an organic garden is essential for their wellbeing (and ours too). Frogs also love compost piles and ponds so we can also farmaciemea.com create those if we have the space.

The types of frogs in the Caribbean region vary widely and I’d love to hear or see pictures from anyone with frog encounters or conservation efforts to share.

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When is a Frog a Chicken?

Believe it or not Mountain Chicken is a frog

Believe it or not Mountain Chicken is a frog. Frogs to some are an epicurean delight and to others, should remain happily croaking in ponds. As you may know, the French are well renowned for eating frogs legs. Here in Dominica, Crapuad – local name (Krah-poh) – is the indigenous frog used in many local dishes.

The appearance of this species of frog cannot be mistaken for an ordinary frog. The Crapuad, has large legs about the size of chicken wings; it has unmistakable markings: brown spots on it’s back that are coloured yellow-green and on it’s belly and sides, a hue of bright pink. Continue reading

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