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Benefits of a Second Passport

A Second Passport?

Economic Citisenship second passport

Second Citizenship offers worldwide security

Second citizenship can be something like a global insurance policy that entails any individual to make use of the dissimilar parts of two countries for a better set of options, most likely financially. It can become quite apparent in small nations with a not-so-bright socio-economic condition, where individuals often find it easier to make a better living in another country. One that you can choose. Dual nationality has always been held by wealthy people with a knowledge of world history. They know of the dangers of placing an entire future in the hands of politicians.


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New UK visa requirements for visitors from Dominica and St. Lucia

Visas to the UK for some Caribbean Citizens

The UK border agency has announced that it may introduce visas to the UK for visitors from Dominica and St Lucia, after analyzing the results of a Visa Waiver Test on seven countries in the eastern Caribbean.

The Visa Waiver Test is carried out to determine the risk that a specific countries’ citizens potentially pose to the UK in terms of illegal immigration, crime and security, to help decide where visas to the UK may be required.

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Changes to Costa Rica Immigration Policies

Costa Rica Changes Their Immigration Model

Several Caribbean countries offer residency in exchange for good police records and proof that you will be contributing to the local economy. An acceptable proof in some cases is a guaranteed monthly income ie a pension income or other guaranteed income.

Costa Rica Immigration

Costa Rica is one of these countries. However, on March 1st 2010 they will be changing their immigration model, and the minimum income that was set at US$600 per month to qualify for the ‘pensionada’ residency status will be increased to US$1000. There is also a 250% increase on the minimum for the ‘rentista’ residency – which will be increasing from US$1000 per month to US$2500.

Apparently this is due to the inflating numbers of migrants coming into Costa Rica from El Savador, Nicaragua, USA and Canada. Costa Rica has one of the highest levels of migrants with 1 in 10 of the population being from another land.

Costa Rica now feels that it has to get a hold on it’s immigration situation and has started to add new residency stickers to the passports of 16,000 people who are entitled to stay in Costa Rica. There will also be more focus on investigating new marriages to understand whether they are based on love or passport acquisition. All legal migrants will also be expected to give a contribution to the national social security. The two residential statuses above do not allow migrants to be employed for work in Costa Rica but it will allow them to start their own business which can include rental income from properties. The residents who already have their papers, will not be expected to suddenly come up with a much larger income though.

Some pensioners can still afford the US$1000 limit, but it will stop some others from being able to live in the country and they could look towards Panama and other countries where a lower level of income is accepted.

Rumor has it that the government of Belize, whose current policy for retirees is an income of US$2000 per month, will shortly be upping their ante too. They have almost reached their self imposed limit of 20,000 new residents. Read about Belize’s Retirement Program here.

Small countries need to protect their resources for their own people, otherwise resources and the demand for them can get out of balance. But it also makes me wonder if one day, these small countries will completely close their doors to newcomers unless they qualify through marriage or employment – as the bigger countries usually insist. If you do want to move to a Caribbean country, it might be worth getting your foot in the door ahead of the game.

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6 Advantages of a 2nd passport

Advantages of a Second Passport

The advantages of 2nd passport are many. They can bring much more freedom than many people realise. Unless your spouse or another member of your immediate family are of another nationality, you will most likely have to make a respectable payment for it, but in some cases it can be worth it. If you are having to bear the weight of being born into a country that does not have a passport that is widely accepted, then it’s a small price to pay.

Advantages 2nd Passport

Here are the top 6 advantages of having a 2nd passport:

1) Ease of travel through ports– Apparently the most convenient passports to hold are those from the US, Finland and Denmark. According to a study by Henley & Partners, these passports can gain you entry to 130 countries without needing a visa. The most unfortunate passports to hold will allow the holder to pass the port of only 12 countries without a visa. 2nd passports that are available through the program will allow you access to over 100 countries without applying for a visa

2) Did you know that passports do not belong to the holder they are issued to, but they belong to the government of the country who issued them? That being the case, it is a possibility that if tax is owed, or even if they just decide to do it, a government can demand their passport is returned or they can invalidate it. This could then render the holder immobile, however, if a 2nd passport is held, then travel is still possible.

3) Many people prefer to run their financial affairs privately and this is possible with a 2nd passport.

4) For importing goods such as cars or business equipment or even construction materials – it may well be a frugal and thrifty manoeuvre under certain circumstances.

5) You and your family can escape the preconceived negative perception caused by previous actions of your government.

6) You have more choice where to live or to work as you will automatically become a citizen of the country of a 2nd or even 3rd passport.

As you can see, it’s fairly handy to have an extra passport and will ensure that you can travel without restrictions placed by your country and you can escape the negative preconceptions of a pariah nation.

There are currently two Caribbean nations who offer 2nd passports on condition of an economic investment into their country and a due diligence process.

To find out more about acquiring a second passport, please contact us.

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