Take it Easy in Belize-y

Taking it Easy Whilst Getting to Know Belize

You better Belize it! This is one of the slogans utilized to promote the country of Belize. It is fitting; it is rather unbelievable how easy it is to live in Belize. Living in the smallest capital of the world, Belmopan, which is not exactly the entertainment centre of the universe, was not something I had ever envisaged. In fact, before we moved here from Sri Lanka, my husband did not think I would like to live in this village. People often get offended when I use the word ‘village’ because Belmopan, as the capital of the nation, has city rights.

When we first arrived in Belize a year ago, my husband drove me straight from the airport to Belize City. But I was not impressed by the city, with its run down roads and buildings. Belmopan on the other hand, is quiet, green, relatively clean, and it has a friendly atmosphere. The same atmosphere you can find in San Ignacio, Placencia, Hopkins and Caye Caulker.

Save time – save money
In Belmopan, buying groceries takes me half an hour per week, parking is never an issue, we live a 3 minutes drive from our daughter’s school, there are no traffic jams, no smog and the sky is always blue. That leaves us a lot of time to enjoy life. And what’s the best: there is no big brother looking over your shoulder.

Belize has a lot to offer; Maya temples, tropical beaches, excellent snorkeling and diving and wonderful nature. Belize is known for its high biodiversity, with an unimaginable number of animal and plants species. The only thing we do not have here in Belize are malls. So if you’re a shopaholic then Belize is not the place for you. But just think of the money you will save here. No shops = no temptations. I have not bought any shoes, clothes, movie tickets, books, CDs or jewelry for over a year. And do I miss it? Not at all. Would you? If so, you can always slip over the boarder to Chetumal in Mexico to stop the craving. Even that is easy.

From: Susanne in Belmopan, blogging weekly on www.dutchinbelize.blogspot.com

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