Two Natural Wonders of the Caribbean

The Pitons, St Lucia

St Lucia possesses a topography and ecology of stunning beauty, matched by no other location in the Caribbean. The island’s pride in its natural resources is evident in the country’s ongoing protection and  conservation efforts. 
In the mountainous interior lies the enormous National Rain Forest and the island’s protected coastal sights include the breathtaking, unforgettable spires of Les Pitons. Located near Soufriere, these primeval twin peaks, topping 2,000 feet, are St Lucia’s most famous landmark. Only the most daring climbers have attempted an ascent on their summits, but they can be seen in all their glory from Mt. Gimie or from the decks of a boat offshore.

Now dormant, the Sulphur Springs is the world’s only drive-in volcano. A tour of its bubbly, steamy sulphur springs offers a direct and fascinating lesson in the violent geology of the Caribbean Rim

Champagne underwater hot springs, Dominica

Approaching Dominica by sea, it is easy to see how Victorian writers could imagine remnant populations of dinosaurs surviving in the tropics, as described in novels like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World. The island looks primeval and pristine, craggy and dense with rainforest; its rugged interior is almost uninhabited, leading to the nickname “Nature Island”.

Dominica Morne Trois Pitons

Dominica Morne Trois Pitons

Dominica is one of the youngest islands in the volcanic Caribees and it is still being formed by volcanic activity, making it an ideal destination for the geologically minded traveller. One of the most famous sites called “Champagne” is actually within snorkelling distance. It is easy to see why it got its name: Underwater hot springs discharge carbon dioxide gas into a water column, which form bubbles, creating the illusion of a carbonated beverage or a giant Jacuzzi.

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