Why You Should Be Thinking About a Timber Frame Home

Caribbean Villa's Timber balcony

Caribbean Villa’s Timber balcony

Let’s face it, living anywhere in the Caribbean is a dream come true, so why compromise your lifestyle with a house that is less than perfect?

Opting for a timber frame home will not only be as breathtaking as the island its built on, but it also has several other benefits that other style houses can’t compete with.

Effective Construction

South America Lumber

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Not only are the materials of timber frame homes lighter and easier to handle, measurements do not have to be perfectly exact to still produce a perfect result. Applying sheetrock, plywood and other materials comes as a less daunting process due to the versatility of timber material.

Treatment and Care

The restoration, treatment and maintenance of timber is easier and faster compared to other building types – like concrete and steel.  Many of the hardwoods used in timber framed homes are resistant to termites and fungus therefore choosing the right hardwood for your building will reduce your risk of decay and attacks from pests. A wide variety of polishes and varying types of finishes are available for giving the timber regular coats of uplifting gloss!

Efficient Structure

Living in an area that can experience high winds and potentially destructive weather can take a toll on your home, and in some cases can destroy it completely. More inclined to seeing hurricanes in the Caribbean, timber frame homes are proven to be resilient  making them a viable option in handling high winds and heavy rain.

Palm Island Luxury Villa

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Aesthetic Quality

Choosing timber instead of other building materials will leave give your home a natural beauty that other materials cannot match. Naturally stressed and textured timber material will give your home its own unique qualities not seen in any other home, making timber framed homes a truly personal space.

Green Friendly

Comparatively, there really isn’t a product capable of competing with timber on the basis of ecological benefits. Using timber as a building material encourages the growth of forests, which absorb CO2, ultimately combating the effect of greenhouse gases and global warming. From the start of its life to the end timber is one with our planet, it decays at the end of its usefulness, providing nourishment for new timber trees! Many of the companies farming timber today ensure that they are doing so in an environmentally friendly manner. Builders must be sure to use lumber from certified green suppliers thus contributing to greening our planet.

Guest post by Andrew Aurigema, specialist timber construction at woodhouse timber homes.

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