Tips to Achieve a Breathtaking Caribbean Bathroom

BVI Villa Photo credit: Caribbean Land and Property

BVI Villa Photo credit: Caribbean Land and Property

Caribbean bathrooms are some of the most beautiful and unique bathrooms there are. Many of these bathrooms have views of incredible sights or are completely open to the beauty around them.

Caribbean bathrooms are not the traditional four-wall enclosed rooms, but open areas that focus on beauty and relaxation. Use these 5 tips to achieve your very own Caribbean bathroom.

Tip # 1: It needs a view

A breathtaking view is in large what makes a Caribbean bathroom so breathtaking. Wide windows that reveal trees, water, or Flowers will make the room feel open and give you something beautiful to enjoy when you’re in the bathroom. The best Caribbean bathrooms overlook scenes like the beach or mountains in the distance. If you have landscapes like this to work with, great! If not, craft your own breathtaking view. Build a man-made pond surrounded by colorful flowers and green shrubbery. Think about the views that take your breath away and find a way to create that feel for your Caribbean bathroom.

Tip # 2: The closer to the outside the better

Bequia Villa Photo credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Bequia Villa Photo credit : Caribbean Land and Property

Standard bathrooms have a primary focus on privacy. Caribbean bathrooms have a different focus: ultimate relaxation. They achieve this focus by making the bathroom as open and as part of nature as possible. Some bathrooms have only one wall in which the plumbing is attached to.

Create a private area that you can build your Caribbean bathroom in and open fashion. Soaking in the tub is a whole different experience when it’s done outside and surrounded by nature.

Tip # 3: Use materials that feel natural

Wood and stone are the perfect materials to use for your Caribbean bathroom. Use beautifully crafted stone for the flooring of your bathroom and Treated wood for the wall you attach your plumbing to. Or switch it up with wooden floors and a stone wall. These types of materials blend well with the outside and natural feel of a Caribbean bathroom.

Tip # 4: Use natural lighting

Sint Maarten Villa Photo credit: Caribbean Land and Property

Sint Maarten Villa Photo credit: Caribbean Land and Property

If you’ve achieved the outdoor Caribbean bathroom then natural lighting is no problem. Take the beauty of natural lighting even further by exposing it to the east or the west. When do you most like to unwind with a hot bath? If you enjoy watching the sun come up with a cup of tea, then position your bathroom with a view of the east. Position it to the west if you like to watch the sunset with a glass of wine. Natural lighting will light the area best and give it the ultimate feel of relaxation and the outdoors.

Tip #5: Make the night lighting soft and romantic

Since natural lighting isn’t an option at night (unless you’re bathing by moonlight) you’ll need some lighting after the sun goes down. This lighting should be soft yellow/orange lighting to keep a romantic and relaxing feel. You can use hanging lanterns, tiki lights, or even a string of lights. Use the source of light to brighten the path in and out of the bathroom and near any other space you might have to maneuver. You can place the lights high around the tub to cast light down. This can create an illusion of natural lighting.

A breathtaking Caribbean bathroom is an ultimate way to relax and enjoy yourself. Unwinding in a hot bath while being surrounded by fresh air and beautiful views are not just far-fetched daydreams. You can achieve your very own breathtaking Caribbean bathroom with the help of these tips. Complete relaxation awaits you.

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