Tropical Storm Chantal

Tropical Storm Chantal

Tropical Storm Chantal – Image Courtesy

Tropical Storm ChantalTropical Storm Chantal formed over the central tropical Atlantic on Sunday night, July 7, 2013. This triggered Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings for Barbados, St. Lucia, Dominica, Martinique and Guadeloupe and otherislands in the Windwards and Leewards. Haiti and the Dominica Republic were put on Hurricane Watch status.

The first milestone has passed fairly unimpressively of this 2013 Hurricane Season which we have been told will be Very Active.

The storm killed one person in the Dominican Republic sadly, but we can only feel grateful that it was not worse.

Tropical Storm Chantal is dissipating over the Bahamas as I write this, but it was only last night that we got our electricity  back on after 36 hours.  And cleaning up after a day of lashing wind and rain without power is back-breaking work!  Just carrying all those buckets of water pulled out of the cistern one by one, just served to remind us that our beloved water pump needed some electicity!

This video shows the winds as they were beginning to drop in the early afternoon, by this time we had lost half a dozen trees, including our favourite pawpaw and one of our bananas.

The storm passed across Martinique  and Dominica during the daylight hours of Tuesday 9th of July.  Airports from St. Lucia to Dominica were closed for the day of the storm which carried sustained winds of 60 miles an hour close to the centre.

Dominica is still cleaning up on Day 3 post Tropical Storm Chantal and most homes and commercial properties are now back on power.

We should consider this just a warning shot across the bows of the islands from Tropical Storm Chantal. We should all be checking now on securing our property and be preparing for much, much worse.  Then perhaps the universe will be kind and send us no more tropical storms!  Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!

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