What is a Blog?

What is a blog?

This is a very interesting question? I have recently started working in the real estate business and was asked to write this blog! Well it is a learning process but it is fun as it gives one licence to post more or less anything of interest to others. We deal in Caribbean real estate but have come originally from other different countries to settle in this tropical haven.

Most people who emigrate leaving their birth place for good are unusual, or should I say used to be unusual when I emigrated 19 years ago. Now the world seems to be such a small place. You can hop on a plane and be anywhere you like within 24 hours.

Many more people are now following suit and leaving their shores for sunnier climes. This makes life interesting and many have stories to tell; one such person is Miss Mermaid from Tortola who has been involved in the yachting world for many years and is settled in the BVI. Over the next few months we are going to have some fascinating stories, about her everyday life and memories of her time working aboard charter boats. Mermaids really do get everywhere and have more than one tail/tale to tell!

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