Wooden Kit Homes in the Caribbean

Wooden Kit Homes in the Caribbean

Caribbean Kit Homes in Wood

Caribbean Kit Homes in Wood

Building concrete and steel homes contributes significantly to greenhouse gasses which are without doubt destroying the life of our Caribbean sea.  Wood, which is strong and flexible makes a winning alternative, especially when the lumber is properly harvested and managed in a sustainable way.  Modern wooden structures are extremely strong and skyscrapers of timber are now being designed and built instead of using our resources up in concrete and steel.

Traditional Caribbean homes were built in wood and stone with wood from the local forests. But these are all now Forest Reserves or disappeared altogether. So for the modern wooden home, a kit from ‘managed’ forest reserves in Brazil is a very good sustainable solution.

Nossa Casa Construtora is an experienced manufacturer of noble wood homes using the best traditional hardwoods from the Brazilian forest reserve. The homes have a life span of nearing 100 years and are designed for easy assembly.

Nossa Casa Construtora continues to deliver great service to their customers of both residential and commercial projects by providing a few standard designs and offering customisation to suit the customers need at no additional cost.

A sample design from Nossa Casa's collection of Hardwood homes.

A sample design from Nossa Casa’s collection of Hardwood homes.

Our specialists will also travel to your contraction site to help and advise on the positioning and construction of your quick assembly wooden home.

At Nossa Casa Construtora the customers satisfaction remains a priority as such personalised budgets and plans can be agreed on for both wooden and masonry projects.

The wood used for building the homes are from authorized Forest reserves which are certified by IBAMA (Brazilian Government) with a Green Seal.

The wood most used is called Grapia, it is a very heavy, scentless wood of light color, varying from beige and yellow to a browned pink. The Grapia wood also has great resistance to insects attack. Another wood, which is mainly used for the finishing touches is the Angelim wood.

Included in the kit homes package are all the essential parts for completing the home.

A home from Nossa Casa's Kit collection in the process of being built.

A home from Nossa Casa’s Kit collection in the process of being built.

Wooden Kit:

  • Walls in hardwood (grapia), length depending on the project, organized in an horizontal form.
  • Structure of the walls: hardwood (grapia) columns, length depending on the project.
  • Wood flooring in the bedrooms and surroundings.
  • Roof structure: in hardwood (grapia), depending on the needs of the project.
  • Framing with Angelim wood: Balconies and corners.
  • Inside and outside doors: straight model in hardwood.
  • Wood Nails
  • Special cleaning product for wood
  • Product against termite
  • Detailed instructions book

Final touches Kit:

  • Ceramic curved roofing tile
  • Isolating blanket for the roof
  • Wall tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry up to the ceiling
  • Ceramic tile for the entire house
  • Mortar masonry
  • Metal accessories for windows and doors
  • Metal accessories for bathrooms and lavatories
  • Varnish with double sun screen for the wood paintings
  • Acrylic paint for all the brick work

nossa-casa-logoNossa Cassa has a team of professionals waiting to take your orders and guide you through the process of owning your enviable and sustainable wooden construction home!

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