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Dominica Offshore Incorporation – We Make it Easy For You!

Businesses around the globe are looking for more effective ways to operate with the use of a commercial entity that is easy to administer, provides tax benefits and asset protection and has a flexible structure. Forming an International Business Company (IBC), also known as an Offshore Company offers all of these benefits.

Despite the negativity surrounding offshore company incorporation, the process is fully supported by updated and solid offshore laws. Indeed there are millions of law abiding citizens and companies out there that demand that proper regulatory mechanisms and authorities are in place and implemented before they decide to incorporate an offshore company in any jurisdiction.  Caribbean Land & Property Financial Services are pleased to be a trustworthy and premier offshore service provider and are happy to serve clients from all over the world of any nationality and culture.

Should you wish to incorporate offshore by registering an offshore corporation such as an International Business Company or an LLC (Limited Liability Company), our trained staff, who boasts of years of experience in providing reliable, efficient IBC incorporation services, will be pleased to meet your needs.

Caribbean Land & Property Financial Services are capable of delivering your IBC order within 24 to 48 hours after receiving your order and payment.  Orders for offshore incorporation can be done by phone or by email.  Simply fill in our online IBC application forms and we will get straight to work with the process. In addition you can always send us an email should you need clarification about our offshore services, different offshore jurisdictions, structuring your offshore company in a way that caters to your business needs, or simply to follow up on the registration of your IBC or offshore company. Our prices are affordable, competitive and are among the best on the offshore market, unlike many other offshore service providers that tend to make their clients believe that exorbitant prices are equivalent to high quality services; which may not always be the case.

Our staff are also ready to provide you with follow up services such as making amendments to your IBC’s Memorandum and/or Articles of Association, changing directors, shareholders, adding or removing members, company dissolution, increasing the company’s share capital or forming new companies.  Although many new IBC’s tend not to choose to open an offshore bank account at the time of incorporating, once the benefits of doing business with the use of an IBC begin to manifest themselves it is generally not long before they call in or email to request bank introduction services. We can assist you in creating an offshore bank account with a wide array of reputable European and Caribbean banks.

Caribbean Land & Property Financial Services has chosen to work with Dominican International Business Companies because they are a popular and sought after commercial vehicle for tax savings, asset protection and doing business worldwide.  Dominica is a choice jurisdiction for incorporating IBC’s and the fact that Dominica is not boasted as the typical “exotic” Caribbean hideout makes it even more attractive to clients looking for privacy and solemnity while incorporating offshore.  Given that persons wishing to set up an offshore company in Dominica are not required to travel to the island, quality and active correspondence will be provided to give you the assurance that the process is working according to your needs.

Dominica is an excellent offshore jurisdiction with a very progressive legislative framework that ensures that Dominica’s offshore sector continues to evolve into a well developed and regulated industry. Dominican IBC incorporation is the key to offshore bank accounts, real estate holding, establishing holding and investment companies, international trading company and software, intellectual property development and online consultancy firms.

The procedures for IBC formation in Dominica are simple and obey local, regional and international due diligence and anti money laundering offshore services standards.  Dominican IBC’s are registered at the Companies Registry in Dominica and persons registering offshore companies in Dominica can rest assured that details pertaining to their company formation and identity are handled with utmost confidentiality and privacy. 

The only documents filed at the Companies Registry are the Memorandum and Articles of Association, which are signed by the registered agent as witness to the creation of the company and subscriber to the first share. Upon the presentation of these documents, a Certificate of Incorporation and Good Standing will be issued in the name of the IBC by the Registry and signed by the Registrar of Companies.  The issuing of the IBC’s Certificate of Incorporation is the act indicating that the company has been duly created, registered and legally exists.  Every IBC incorporated in Dominica will be issued a registration number and date which are used for identifying the company, in addition to its name.

Caribbean Land & Property Financial Services offshore incorporation services include two sets of the IBC’s formation corporate documents, one set which is apostilled, and the other will be a notarized set.  We also prepare Certificates of Tax Exemption and Good Standing, which can be apostilled at an additional cost, rubber stamps, corporate seals and Certificates of Incumbency.

In addition to the Certificate of Incorporation, the IBC Act of Dominica calls for the preparation of other legal documents such as the Minutes, Share Certificates, Power of Attorney where applicable (if our nominee service is chosen), Register of Members, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.  These company documents are essential for the structuring and administration of the IBC and need to be amended should any modifications be made to the IBC’s structure.

Together, the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association form the IBC’s constitution.  The operations and administration of the IBC are subject to the provisions of the laws and by-laws presented in these two documents.  The IBC’s name, share information, issuing currency, authorized capital, name and address of registered agent and office will be contained in its Memorandum, while the Articles state how the IBC’s members should be elected, meetings are to be conducted, shares should be transferred and issued, as well as describe the powers that are given to the directors.

A share certificate is a very important document because it provides an official record of the shares distributed to each shareholder at the time of forming the company.  Each shareholder will be given his own share certificate which will bear his name and have a registered number.  This avoids confusion with respect to the company’s shares and how they are to be distributed.  Share certificates on which the holder’s name is not registered will contain the name of the nominee shareholder that will be provided by the registered agent.  In this case, the real holders of the shares will be issued a document, often referred to as a Declaration of Trust, which gives the shareholders full control of their shares. 

IBC formation services in Dominica are among the best in the world. Caribbean Land & Property Financial Services happily welcome you to the world of IBC incorporation in Dominica that allows you to explore new horizons, secure legal means of reducing taxes, increase your profits and income, and safeguarding your most prized possessions. With the effects of the “credit crunch”, an unreliable stock market and downsizing production, now is definitely the time to go offshore with Caribbean Land & Property Financial Services.

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