Dominica Citizenship. How to apply for Dominica Citizenship in the Caribbean. Facts on Dominica Citizenship Programmes and how to get a 2nd Passport through Dominica Citizenship. Information on Dominica Citizenship. Obtain Dominica Citizenship using our efficient and friendly Dominica Citizenship service.
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Dominica Citizenship                                DOMINICA CITIZENSHIP                                Dominica Citizenship

If you are considering a second passport through the Dominica economic citizenship program, with or without residency, a key attraction of the Citizenship Program in Dominica is that as a Dominican citizen you will have a Tax Free Status on Foreign Income, Capital Gains, Gift, Wealth and Inheritance Tax.

Dominica has no requirement for residency to obtain citizenship and it allows for you to include dependent children up to the age of 28 years or elder parents over the age of 55 years.  

Dominica citizenship allows for visa free travel to more than 90 countries including the United Kingdom and allows for dual citizenship without the requirement to notify the applicants home country, and without any need for the applicant to reside in Dominica.

Dominica established their Economic Citizenship program in 1991 and actively promotes the citizenship programme, as the investment made by the individual into the citizenship programme is used to develop the country's infrastructure. The law can be found in section 101 of the Constitution and Section 8 of the Citizenship Act Chapter 1:10 of the revised laws and section 20 of the Citizenship Act. (This can be viewed in our downloads section)

The Dominica Citizenship Program currently provides the following options  :- Single Applicant , Joint or Family Application via an investment to the Government Fund or via an investment into Government approved real estate.


Dominica Citizenship -  Government Fund Investment Options

Package A – Single Applicant   A non-refundable investment of $100,000 

Package B – Joint Application (husband and wife) A non-refundable investment of $175,000 

Package C – Family Application Two (Husband and wife plus two children below the age of 18 years)
A non-refundable investment of $200,000 

There is a cost of $50,000 for each additional dependant.


CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT  Should a client choose citizenship via investment into real estate and invests the minimum of $200,000 the following Government fees are payable:


$50,000 Main Applicant

$75,000 Family with up to 4 applicants, including the main applicant

$100,000 Family with up to 6 applicants, including the main applicant

$20,000 Dependant under 18 years

$25,000 Additional dependant over 18 years

$7,500 Main Applicant
$7,500 Spouse
$4,000 Any dependent over 16 years.

GOVERNMMENT PROCESSING FEE - $3,000 Per Application 

GOVERNMENT NATURALISATION FEE including stamp Fee - $750 per applicant

EXPEDITED PASSPORT $1,200 per applicant

Real Estate that has been purchased for Citizenship by Investment shall not be sold for a period of at least five years, after the granting of citizenship

Where real estate has already been the subject of a citizenship by investment application, that real estae shall not be eligible for use in subsequent citizenship for a period of at least five years

Due Diligence Agency

Due diligence is the first part of the process and the reports are undertaken by the international private investigative agencies appointed by the Government. They are incredibly efficient, background checks normally take no longer than six weeks.

The costs are payable by the applicant and the fees are as follows:

$7,500 Main Applicant
$7,500 Spouse
$4,000 Any dependant over 16 years

Granting of Citizenship

After the completed due diligence report is submitted to the Government. It will then be reviewed by the Government citizenship committee who will grant citizenship based on the application documents submitted and findings of the due diligence report.

Applicants will then receive confirmation in writing on being approved, at which stage the Government will also issue a letter requesting the investment to be paid. 

Dominica Citizenship Applications Requirements

The Checklist of documentation for an application for Dominica citizenship is listed below.
Current processing time for our Dominica citizenship applications is under three months. 

  • Two completed and notarized copies of Application Form 12 for each applicant
  • Completed Government Application Forms D1, D2, D3 and D4

  • Letter addressed to the Honourable Minister responsible for Dominica Citizenship

  • Certified passport copy for each applicant

  • Certified Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage if required

  • Birth Certificate for each applicant, it must be translated if it is not in English - please prepare two as the Government will keep their copy and we require a copy for the Dominica passport office when we submit your Dominica passport application

  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the school/university for children between 18 and 21 yrs old

  • One Professional reference by a lawyer or accountant, they must have known you for a minimum of three years

  • Letter of employment or if self employed an audited Financial Statement

  • Two Personal References please note each dependent over the age of 16 must provide seperate references

  • Police Record, with finger prints, from country of birth and country of residence (if different) for each applicant sixteen (16) years and over; For children twelve to fifteen (12 - 15), sworn affidavit by parent that child does not have criminal record

  • Eight passport size photos for each applicant

  • Certified Copy of Driving License, National ID and residency permits if applicable

  • Bank Statements for the last 12 months

  • Resume

  • Notarized copies of University/College Diplomas

  • Statutory Declaration - we have a template to forward to you


Licensed Agent

Applications for Dominica citizenship can only be made through a agents recognised and licensed by the Government of Dominica. 

Design Management Limited (owners of this website) are fully licensed agents for the Dominica Citizenship Programme.


When you are ready to move forward contact us with your nationality for us to verify you are eligible to apply

Dominica Citizenship

Dominica Citizenship   Click Here to Apply for a Dominica Citizenship

Dominica Citizenship

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Dominica Citizenship
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